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Tomorrow is a NEW and DIFFERENT day so make a difference!

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Have you ever woken up and thought today is the day, I'm heading back into the gym, only to realize it's already late afternoon and well let's face it you're already running behind on those errands, or picking up kids, doing laundry or catching up on sleep or the latest Netflix series you swore you would have finished before last weekend. Yeah me too! So I just look in the mirror and think, "well, at least I made it into my workout clothes today and out of my pj's!" Seems like when it's cold out I have more of those days than not. I have had my fair share of countability partners and that does seem to work, but what happens if you both are having "one of those days"? I know, I know, you should make sure you have more than one accountability partner, but that just sounds too reasonable for this post anyway. So what does this have to do with tomorrow and a New and DIFFERENT day you may ask. I would like to suggest that that we not be so hard on ourselves first of all and realize that no one is perfect and everyone guy and gal alike, whether you want to admit it or not have these kind of days. But Every day that you wake up is a New and Different day. You can make that choice! It has taken me a lot of therapy to not just learn this, but to also understand this. Don't get me wrong. You know that saying everyone has their 15 minutes of fame, well I also believe that everyone gets their d15 minutes worth of a pity party. When it continues for a long period of time it becomes more of a way of life rather than an event. Please don't think I am minimizing any psychological illnesses or issues. I myself suffer from anxiety and other issues, but I am just sharing through my own personal experiences and what I have learned over the many years I have delt with my own issues and in therap. (Please understand I am being very raw and real with you my readers when I share of myself so I am the last person to ever pass judgement).

So a new day to choose differently! It doesn't mean you will make it to the gym or start eating better or taking vitamins, but it may mean that you made a different choice, a new choice, a better choice. Hopefully your new day and your different choice will bring you joy. If you need an accountability partner please let me know. I am always looking for someone to inspire me in a different way and hoping I may return the favor. Send me a message and introduce yourself! I would love to know what you did with your new day and what different choice you made and how it made you feel! You got this! Go make a difference!

These are some ways I am choosing every day to make a difference not only in my own life, but in others lives as well! Oh and tomorrow I am going to make it to the gym! I'll let you know what happens! lol

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