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Some of my favorite things.....

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

When I was younger I loved watching The Sound of Music. I have to be honest, it wasn't because of their fashion sense! Though I'm sure it was in at the time, for me I think it was about the music (because I swore I knew I could sing), or maybe it was the scenery. Well, whatever it was, let me please say, I still I'm in denial of not being a good singer and if anyone offered me a free plane ticket to just about anywhere with beautiful scenery, I would jump on the next plane! Which touches on 2 of my favorite things....

I absolutely love music! By no means am I a music snob. I will listen to just about anything, or at least give it a try. I love classical, easy listening, some jazz, country, spiritual, old rock and roll, pop, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's...well you get the playlist is very eclectic! Thank goodness considering I am always listening to it throughout my day and sometimes borrowing certain ballads and favorites when I brandish an occasional karaoke! I believe music is it's own language in itself. I don't always think it's about the words, but about how the music, the notes, the melodies make you feel. I could be having the worst day and pop on just the right song and BAM...just like that my whole demeanor and outlook can change. Don't get me wrong, I know some music or songs can leave a bad taste in ones mouth, but 9 out of 10 times those positive vibes start to move like waves of water over me and for that brief moment in time everything else falls away and I feel at peace or I feel like dancing and belting out a duo with the artist on the other end of my speaker. At times like these I don't care if I'm in the gym working out, in the grocery store or standing naked in front of the mirror.....ladies and gentlemen I am here to confess that there is nothing more therapeutic than dancing naked to your favorite song and knowing you rocked it the end of that song! (Not to mention, you just had a small workout and didn't know it, yay!)

Now let's talk about scenery! I love to travel and experience different sceneries, cultures and different people...having different experiences I thing allows us to grow! I think this all started after I joined the military. Traveling around and getting to move every 2 to 3 years was so exciting for me. Getting to experience different countries, states, learn how others did things, saw things, cooked things, and lived. One of my favorite places I have been blessed to travel to overseas is Japan. I loved to experience the culture and learn the language. I loved learning about their customs and what they enjoyed. My favorite place to travel is the beach.... to be near water and sand it's just so peaceful. I have always looked at water as a fluid. There's no specific shape to water and it just flows! I love how it can be still one minute and the next splashing about and having fun or crashing into something and breaking free. Trees are another love of mine, especially during the spring and fall. The colors and how different, but similar they appear all at the same time. Trees can be quiet, can whisper, can be loud, can be short and tall, all things just like all of us!

Some more of my favorite things.... I love fires on a cold night, going to the gym, running (my drug of choice), hanging with my family, loving on my dogs (Jack, Annabelle, and Doc), reading (Barnes and Noble is my bestie), and most recently finding new ways to work on my self-care (oh another blog topic to come), and let's not forget, cooking (food and beverage are always a good thing to share)!

I would love to hear a few of your favorite things. Drop me a message or send me a chat. Let's talk about and learn about what you love to do or enjoy!

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