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New Journey...Who's on board?

I think I have tried many a times to start a new habit or a new interest, but try as I might it has been so hard to stick with it, even with an accountability partner to boot. I seem to always find that know the drill, "oh I have too many things to do today," or " I'm too tired, " or "shinny" , "squirrel" (ADD thing lol). Then again maybe you don't get what I'm saying. Nonetheless, I have issues when it comes to starting new journeys, or more like staying on the path, the right path. I guess you could say, I sometimes prefer the scenic route!

I have spent the greater part of the last week sick in bed with sinusitis, bronchitis, and an ear infection.....(tested for covid but negative lol), I have been a good girl and taken my prescriptions and have had plenty of time to lay here and think! Think about a half marathon that I am due to run in 2 months (maybe 2), a need for wanting to take off with my Ur Worth It business and share how amazing these products are and how they have changed MY life and health! I need to get better at sharing my joy and love for these products. I also need to start setting up a schedule for my love of working out and taking better care of myself not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

When I ask here "Who's on board?" I am looking for a tribe! NOT just an accountability person or partner, but a tribe of ladies and gentlemen who are striving to stay on path on their journey. I'm looking for a tribe of encouragers, cheerleaders, chosen family (if you will). Not everyone has the same journey, but we will all have our bumps in the road and need help being picked up and dusted off. Friendships are invaluable and I have learned should not be oversighted.

So again ....Who's on board? What's YOUR jourey? I would love to know. I am hoping this posting of my blog is read with sincerity. If you are interested please let me know. OH...and for the record, my journey revolves around health and my faith. I want to start up a group that is interested in getting out and walking, running, doing some workouts, maybe a dinner group or brunch group to talk about our week or business. Let's work on supporting each other instead of tearing each other down.


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