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One of those days or one of those weeks!

I really try to stay on the positive side of things, but why it's so hard for me sometimes I just don't know. Maybe it's people, situation, weather, health, or just plain old mind set. Whatever the case maybe, I know positivity is good and right, but man is it hard! I mean is it just me r do others have this dilemma too? I know it can't always be sunshine and rainbows, but let's face it....LIFE......LIFE HAPPENS! I think for me I need sunshine and warmth. I love being outside and being able to enjoy a good run and hearing nature. Don't get me wrong, today there is sunshine, but with snow! I am way over the snow!

Aside from that, many are enjoying the approach of spring break and I am welcoming an up coming trip to warm and sunny Texas. Traveling always makes me feel good, especially when it's to place I miss and seeing people I miss! There are so many places I have been and want to return to and other places I desperately want to visit. I would love to know some of your favorite places to go and places I should visit. Please share them here and tell me why you loved them and why I should travel to visit. I loved going to San Diego and New York. Beaches are also always my gig! Nothing like the sound of the water.

I guess just thinking about warmer places and sunshine can put me into a better frame of mind so writing about it really can be therapeutic. Maybe instead of one of those days or one of those weeks....should be spent on vacation instead of in a negative state of mind! Now that would definitely be heaven, expensive with the way gas prices are now (lol), but definitely therapeutic!

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