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To all the things I've done before and ...New Goals

I was looking back on Facebook at pictures from 2, 3, and 4+ years ago and couldn't believe the things I had done or accomplished. Then I sat down to watch church on line and the sermon was referring to Romans 8. The pastor spoke about how God already knew us and knew our path before we were even formed. That there is no coincidence, not if God already knew where we would go and where we would end up. The choices and things I did or accomplished good or bad those few years ago have led me to where I am today and to who I am today. What I also love is that God is not a creator of sin, but he is a potter and just as we are the clay, he takes the sin and the good things he stands for and by his grace and hands ( synergy) creates something good, something wonderful out of it. As humans we can get so frustrated because we don't always get to see the forest for the trees. We get so caught up in the end result, we forget to enjoy the journey and smell the flowers, enjoy the relationships, feel the breeze, whatever that thing is that brings you joy!!

I believe that maybe that is why we get held up by things or things happen to slow us down. We need a time out if you will in order to remember what is really important. I will be the first to admit that I will start so many projects and have so many ideas, I forget to stop and just enjoy the jokes being told around my dinner table or my dog needing some extra snuggle time, my son NEEDING a hug, my daughter calling on the phone to chat, or my husband just telling me how pretty I am. These are things that can't be bought and easily taken for granted. The choices we make today will have an effect on our tomorrow and or destinations in the future. So, lol I know I got off on a tangent here, my intention was to talk about a decision I actually made today.... I came across several photos of me running and doing some races. A time in my life when I remember being in such great physical shape and really enjoying being outside and being able to physically run off some crazy! So I have decided to start training for my next half marathon. I have 12 weeks to do it in and can definitely say this race will be about the journey towards the destination! Ready or not.... here we go!

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