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Two different looks

I am usually good at faces, but have you ever looked at something or someone and thought to yourself, "Have I seen that person or thing before?" I sometimes wonder if my mind or eyes are playing tricks on me or maybe it's just that I'm getting older, ha ha ha! Where is she going with this you ask? Well, a friend of mine has a cute little boutique in Rantoul, Il. called Schitt's and Giggles ( if you ever get a chance you really need to check it out) and every time I would walk into her store front, especially with my husband he would point out this one particular coffee mug she had (picture below). My husband would walk over to the cup, pick it up and glance over at me and say, "honey, they still have your cup....this is soooo you!" At first I laughed it off and then there was a second and third time. Eventually I came to realize that coffee cup was definitely screaming my name. Needless to stay, that particular coffee mug has now found it's new home in my house right next to my coffee pot. To make matters even more evident, this morning I was drinking my coffee and decided to take a selfie. I continued my day only to realized that by the time I was ready to walk out my door, that coffee cup was laughing at me, along with my husband!

It amazes me how something so trivial can speak to us and how as much as we want to deny or ignore it, eventually the truth rises up and bites us in the butt! Good or bad that coffee cup will remain a reminder to me that no matter how hard I may try to deny or evade a truth or lie, it will rise to the top much like the steam from my cup and there is no way of denying it. So, accept your truths and love yourself in all your wonders and flaws! For no matter what shall come you will rise (just like that steam) strength and warmth to share with others! Be a winner (the trophy) and the peacemaker ( the bridge keeper)! It's all about the process!

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