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I just wanted to say welcome and thank you for taking the time to see what RX Sarahtonin has to offer. This has whole thing has been a bunch of ideas just floating around in my head and heart for awhile now and I just never had the nerve or took the time to step out and try it. So here it is. I wanted to create a space for people to come and laugh, cry, share, create, whatever it is that you need. Most importantly I wanted to let people know that nothing has to be perfect and not everyone will like what you have to say, but if you can make a difference in just one persons day or life than you have done well! I want to talk about whatever you guys are interested in and more I will be posting about health and wellness, cooking, most likely my crazy (but very much loved) family, pictures, my animals, my up and down, music, workouts, and more. If you have a question or a topic of interest please let me know know. I love researching and I do have a lot of experience in many areas, but most importantly I want us to build relationships and learn from each other. I just ask that we please be kind to each other and respect each other. We can agree to disagree and just choose joy at the end of the day! I will always be real with you all and you will see me at my best and sometimes at my worst, but that is what being honest is all about. Anyone is welcome to this site and I welcome anyone to comment, email me or send a chat.

Please invite your family and friends. Keep checking back for new materials and videos. I may even venture out to do some live video or chats. Again welcome and much love!

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