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Rose colored glasses....

Showing my age, John Conley spoke of rose colored glasses, love, and truth in a song many years ago. I wonder, why many of us would rather view things through rose colored glasses instead of seeking or facing up to truth, myself included? Don't get me wrong, rose colored glasses are great for the beach and top down drives on a curvy road heading out to the middle of nowhere. Rose colored glasses don't make me think of hard truths or love, but I do get where it changes the view of things. Truth can be so abrasive and harsh, especially if it's something we don't want to hear or face up to or deal with. Then again, truth can be just that truth, but when told by others it can be truth with their own twist. The rosy shades make things softer, more delectable to the eye, which in turn is easier on the mind, emotions....the mental status!

But....let's face it, you can't keep those rose colored glasses on all the time. I mean think about how crazy you would appear to others if you showered with them on, slept with them on, among other things. I guess my rambling is all about my truth! I am so tired of feeling like their needs to be an explanations for everything. Maybe I need to just realize that some things don't need an explanation and some things or some people don't warrant an explanation. Let's face it rose colored glasses are great for the beach or on a sunny day heading down the highway with the tunes cranked high and no care in the world! That is a truth and love I want all the time! For now though I will have to deal my own truths and not answering to others and what they think...oh and instead of rose colored glasses, I'll have mauve

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