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Just another day or was it?

I was debating on what to write about about today, what did or didn't do. I felt like I didn't do much of anything, until I ended up settling down for the night and felt my muscles begin to scream, "Thanks for the memories!" I began to think back on my day and realized I did accomplish several things. I made it to an appointment, went to the grocery ( was dying for snacks), moved some furniture, did some laundry, made dinner, gave the dog his medicine, broke up a dog fight, and finally got a shower. I guess I did more than I thought. Have you ever had one of these days?

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in whatever is going on in our day that we forget about what we did or didn't do until the time has gone. It makes me realize that we can take for granted important moments and people that may pass our way. I realize that today was one of those days. As I look back I now think about my son talking to me about wanting me to pick him up some snacks if I left the house because he was my favorite son (he said jokingly of course)! I am hoping that tomorrow I am able to slow down and enjoy the moments as they pass and take more time to breathe and enjoy every one that crosses my path and speaks their heart. May each of you be able to do the same!

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